System Services Broadband

Thank you for taking the time to look at our job posting. You didn’t realize it before, but you just stumbled upon an amazing career opportunity. You, job seeker, happen to be on the forefront of a major boom. This job is in the telecommunications industry. In the fall of 2021, the federal government poured billions (yes, billions with a B) of dollars into the telecommunications industry to be used to develop broadband to all of the rural parts of America. Now we need all the support we can get to build the infrastructure. Projects managers, technicians, safety coordinators, and administrative support people are just a few of the jobs in high demand right now. With new build construction planned to take 7 years minimum, and on-going maintenance for decades, you can plan an entire career from start to finish in the telecommunications industry. Because the knowledge to build and interpret broadband systems is so specialized, we make it our company’s standard practice to promote from within. Are you tired of fretting about job security from economic crisis to crisis? Telecommunications is recession proof! Broadband is the new electricity.

We are seeking people that are dynamic, fast learners, action oriented, solution driven, deep thinkers, and dreamers. If that sounds like you, read on and apply.

Our company is currently seeking ​a Billing Specialist to join our team! You will be responsible for preparing and examining financial records for our company.


  • Obtain primary financial data for accounting records
  • Compute and record numerical data
  • Check the accuracy of business transactions
  • Perform data entry and administrative duties
  • Read and mark up utilities maps
  • Call in 811 locate tickets
  • Create invoices for various customers across multiple states


  • Previous experience in accounting, finance, or other related fields
  • Fundamental knowledge of GAAP
  • Experience with all Microsoft programs
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Deadline and detail-oriented
  • Previous Construction Company experience is a plus+
  • Previous Accounting experience required

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