System Services Broadband

Assists in installation of underground lines and assists in the training of laborers. Possesses ability to work and direct crew with minimal to no supervision.



– Assists in the daily inspections of the line truck and equipment. Stocks all necessary equipment and/or supplies.

– Carries out instructions of crew foreman.

– Maintains and utilizes proper equipment to clean up areas where work has been completed.

– Maintains constant awareness of the safety of pedestrian, co-workers and vehicular traffic thru work area.

– Drives company vehicle, as needed, in a safe and prudent manner.

– Ensures all tools are returned to proper location on truck. Assumes responsibility along with other crew members of replacing misplaced equipment.

– Assists in reporting and correcting any potential and/or existing safety violations.

– Reports all lost or damaged equipment to immediate supervisor.

– Performs routine maintenance on all machinery and notifies supervisor(s) of any excessive wear or damage to said equipment. Also, must ensure maintenance is performed as required.

– Maintains and updates knowledge of industry practices and procedures to maximize job performance. Educates personnel in knowledge of industry practices and procedures to maximize job performance.

– Responsible for cleaning of tools, equipment and vehicles.

– Helps to ensure cleanliness and security of storage area and/or warehouse.

– Ensures work is completed without damage to other utilities and/or property.

– Reports unauthorized use of cable TV to supervisor.

– Knows and executes the proper use, maintenance, and safety rules of all tools, equipment and machinery to properly complete job.

– Checks, maintains and uses proper safety equipment as issued and/or purchased in conformance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and company safety rules and regulations.

– Assists in completion of monthly inspections.

– Must be aware of production schedules for completion of job assignments.

– Applies common sense understanding to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral or diagrammatic form. Deals with problems involving several concrete variables in or from standardized situations.

– Interacts with customers and co-workers on a daily basis.

– Recommends and helps implement measures to improve production methods, equipment performance and quality of product, and suggests changes in working conditions and use of equipment to increase efficiency of work crew.

– Supplies all required personnel tools.

– Is responsible for upkeep of company issued tools.

– Trains and supervises apprentice workers.

– Recommends ways to enhance safety of crews and helps implement solutions of same.

– Interacts with customers, co-workers and property owners in a professional manner.

– Ensures other workers are properly instructed in proper usage of all tools and equipment.

– Ensures all utility locates needed are completed.

– Helps to assure the safety of the crew.

– Other functions that may be assigned.


PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS (unless otherwise specified):

– Possesses good physical fitness and range of motion including, but not limited to, the ability to lift and carry loads of at least seventy pounds.

– Has working knowledge of company safety policies.

– Is safety oriented.

– Has full knowledge of proper operations of all machinery which includes, but is not limited to, hand tools, compaction equipment, trencher, plows, boring equipment, etc.

– Must have basic knowledge of cable TV operations and splicing.

– Has ability to learn company procedures for properly reporting and arranging repair of any damaged utilities.

– Ability to learn to interpret specifications, blue prints, and job orders to complete assigned duties.

– Possesses knowledge and understanding of all other utilities and their markings.

– Ability to learn to request utility locates.

– Treats all property owners, clients, co-workers with respect and dignity.

– Exhibits honesty, trustworthiness, and truthfulness in all aspects of employment.

– Ability to interpret and correctly fill out various forms provided by the company and/or clients.

– Able to communicate verbally.

– Must have valid Class D driver’s license and satisfactory driving record. Acquisition of CDL license is highly encouraged.

– Physically able to excavate with hand tools, operate wheelbarrow, compaction equipment and other machinery necessary to complete projects.

– Possesses knowledge and ability to complete underground construction in such a way as to produce a superior end-product.

– Possesses knowledge and ability to supervise cable crew in absence of crew foreman.

– Able to work within limited confines.

– Possesses ability to learn underground construction procedures.

– Has ability to learn to solve practical problems and to deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists.

– Must be able to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in a written, oral, diagrammatic, or schedule form.

– Possesses ability to learn how to successfully resolve conflicts that may arise with property owners and/or clients.

– Possesses ability to learn and complete daily production reporting.

– Possesses ability to learn material and equipment needs for long and short term projects and to inform supervisor of any shortage or needs of any materials and equipment to complete projects in a timely fashion.

– Possesses ability to learn system guidelines when working with active plant.

– Possesses ability to learn to complete all paper work associated with production reporting in a timely, legible and accurate fashion.

– Has ability to learn to evaluate equipment and material needs to ensure work is done without loss of productivity.

– Has ability to learn to successfully implement conflict resolution where needed.

– Capable of learning to identify, report and resolve design problems and discrepancies in design.

– Possesses ability to learn to report any discrepancy in construction or damage to cable plant.

– Has ability to learn to recommend or initiate personnel actions, such as promotions, transfers, discharges and disciplinary measures.

– Possesses ability to plan, co-ordinates and executes job assignments.

– Has ability to learn short and long term equipment and material needs.

– Capable of learning to troubleshoot problems on line.

– Has ability to learn basic working knowledge of CATV operations and system designs.

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